“Business is about relationships not transactions… its about people.”

Since 1995, we have served businesses of all sizes, backgrounds and industries with business advisory. Whether you’re in hospitality or manufacturing through to mining or waste management, we look to maximise value, mitigate risk and achieve successful business outcomes.

Wade Oldham Finance understands every Australian business is different and has their own unique goals, customers and challenges. We take the time to get to know you and your business in order to deliver tailored and reliable business solutions. We then work with you to solve your business problems, source funding, expand your business and grow your industry networks.

Business Financial Advice

With a focus on growth, Wade Oldham Finance offer bespoke financial structures for Australian businesses to future proof their organisation. We’ll seek opportunities for business growth through accessing better debt, equity raising and unlocking cash tied up in working capital.

We offer ongoing business finance audits to:

  • Identify finance options for your business
  • Recommend and arrange funding sources
  • Work with you throughout the year ensuring funding remains relevant

Commercial Debt Structuring

When debt is used to acquire business assets, it’s important the loan structure is aligned with your business goals and asset life cycles. Our extensive knowledge of business asset depreciation, asset sales, invoice discounting and leasing structures combine to ensure that your commercial debt is structured to your advantage.

When restructuring business debt we’ll ensure:

  • Stakeholders with “skin in the game” are protected
  • Pledged securities are minimised
  • The process and debt structure is kept simple

Strategic Business Advice

Running or managing a business is a demanding job. We’ll relieve some of the pressure with strategic advice to maximise your business value. After establishing clear financial, operational and business goals and outcomes, we’ll map out your path to business growth and success.

We provide expert business advice on:

  • Most appropriate business structures to suit each particular client’s circumstances
  • A third party’s perspective on your business operation, suggestions, mitigates and direction

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